Recent Purchases

Surry Hills, Elizabeth St

Elizabeth St Surry Hills

Recent Purchases Elizabeth Street Surry Hills Jared and Kiara, Surry Hills We were able to secure a great property in Surry Hills via negotiation at a price… Jared and Kiara were first home buyers looking to break into the Sydney market. They were looking for a low maintenance property close to work, cafes, friends and…

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Kinsgrove, Way St

Way St Kinsgrove

Recent Purchases Way Street Kinsgrove Sandy, Kinsgrove We purchased the property at auction and Sandy was ecstatic with the result… Our client, Sandy, had been looking on and off for her first home for over 2 years by the time she engaged us. By this time Sandy had become a little despondent as the market…

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Beacon Hill, Scarborough Pl

Scarborough Pl Beacon Hill

Recent Purchases Scarborough Place Beacon Hill Sue, Beacon Hill We were able to secure a fantastic duplex home for our clients at a price they were so pleased with… Sue had been referred to me via a good real estate friend on the North Shore. She was in the process of selling her family home…

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Leichhardt, Tebbutt St

Tebbutt St Leichhardt

Recent Purchases Tebbutt Street Leichhardt Tebbutt St, Leichhardt Not only did we secure the property at a great price but we also helped them get an excellent property manager… Our clients weren’t quite ready to buy their own property but were looking to keep up with the Sydney property market so wanted to find a…

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Birchgrove, Louisa Rd

Louisa Rd Birchgrove

Recent Purchases Louisa Rd Birchgrove Justin and Katy, Birchgrove Looking for a long term family home that had room for a growing family and to entertain family and friends… Justin and Katy were looking to upgrade their family home from an apartment to townhouse in the inner west. Getting good value for their money was…

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Alexandria, Brandling St

Brandling Street Alexandria

Recent Purchases Brandling St Alexandria Mark and Vanessa, Alexandria      See Vanessa’s 5-star review on Google… Click here for more information. We were able to secure the property prior to auction at a price my clients were wrapped with. Mark and Vanessa got in touch with me through some good friends of theirs who we…

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Beaumont Hills, Honeyeater Cres

Honeyeater Cres Beaumont Hills

Recent Purchases Honeyeater Crescent Beaumont Hills Dorothy, Beaumont Hills We were able to exchange the property very quickly on favourable terms which helped save a lot of money… Dorothy was referred to me via a friend of her daughter who I had purchased for the year prior. She was looking to settle closer to her…

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Berowra, Kauri Ave

Kauri Avenue Berowra

Recent Purchases Kauri Avenue Berowra Tom and Olivia, Berowra I was able to help Tom and Olivia determine exactly what the property was worth and we secured it for an excellent price… Tom and Olivia had been looking to upgrade into a family home for about 6 months when they engaged my services. They were…

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Gladesville, Harvard St

Harvard St Gladesville

Recent Purchases Harvard Street Gladesville Teresa, Gladesville We were able to negotiate her an excellent price and terms and the property is now leased at a very healthy rent… Teresa had been looking to buy an investment property for some time when she engaged me to assist in finding and negotiating for her. Teresa was…

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Frenchs Forest, Harmston Ave

Harmston Avenue Frenchs Forrest

Recent Purchases Harmston Avenue Frenchs Forest Shane and Amanda, Frenchs Forest We were able to secure the property well within their budget and under the reserve… Shane and Amanda were looking to upgrade from their apartment in Roseville to a larger property in the northern beaches. They were both extremely busy and had heard many…

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