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Kinsgrove, Way St


We purchased the property at auction and Sandy was ecstatic with the result...

Our client, Sandy, had been looking on and off for her first home for over 2 years by the time she engaged us. By this time Sandy had become a little despondent as the market had risen significantly and she was really starting to feel as though she was chasing the market.

Sandy was looking for her first property but importantly wanted enough space that she wouldn’t outgrow it within 2-3 years. She loved to entertain with family and friends and being close to transport for work was also important. Ideally, she wanted to be in the Earlwood or Croydon Park area but was open to exploring bordering areas for the right property.

Like a lot of first home buyers, Sandy had a number of things to deal with. Firstly having never purchased a property before the challenge of dealing with agents was very daunting for her. Secondly with a busy job even making the inspections let alone having the time to research and understand the market was near impossible for her. Given she had been looking for so long before we met another challenge was her search area was starting to grow to half the size of Sydney.

I generally find the most important thing is to understand exactly what the buyer is looking for… not suburbs etc but to really understand what is their lifestyle, where do they work, how do they like to live and how would they use a property day to day. After quickly gaining an understanding of this we were able to narrow Sandy’s search area and type of property that would work for her. We ruled out a number of areas that simply wouldn’t work for the type of property she wanted as they didn’t offer the size or quality she was looking for within her budget.

After a few months, we were able to secure Sandy a beautiful home in Kingsgrove. It had been fully renovated by the owners and was immaculate from front to back. Given the nature of the sale, we purchased the property at auction and Sandy was ecstatic with the result.

We have been able to help another one of Sandy’s friends and are very happy she has secured such a lovely home for many years to come.

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