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Allen and Kavita - Auction / Bidding service

Allen and Kavita were referred to me by a mortgage broker. They were based in Newcastle and both busy professionals. They were looking to secure a home for them that would not only meet their needs for today but also for their family over time.

Allen and Kavita were very busy working full time in the medical field. They were looking to relocate back to Sydney with work and had just started the search process when they engaged me. They were looking for something that would give them a close commute to work, friends etc but also for something they could have space and add value to over time.

Both working full time in very busy roles and not being based in Sydney they had lots of challenges. Not only was lack of time an issue but they didn’t have the local knowledge and understanding of the marketplace. Given this they were very conscious about not overpaying for any property.

Allen and Kavita had done a lot of research and were very specific in the area they wanted to be. Given this they were comfortable doing the searching and engaged John to appraise and advise them on the best way to secure the property… for the least amount of money possible. I inspected the property, provided them with an appraisal and advised them that the best way to secure this property would be via auction.

We purchased the property for about $50,000 under market value and $100,000 less than an almost identical property across the street!

Allen and Kavita were so busy that neither of them could be present for the auction as they were both in surgery…. (so couldn’t even be on the phone) … needless to say when I called them later that day to advise of the good news they were very happy!

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