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Elizabeth Street Surry Hills

Jared and Kiara, Surry Hills

We were able to secure a great property in Surry Hills via negotiation at a price...

Jared and Kiara were first home buyers looking to break into the Sydney market. They were looking for a low maintenance property close to work, cafes, friends and the city.

Jared and Kiara engaged us via our Negotiation package as they felt they had the time to do the looking and located the property. Where they were looking for our expertise was around the valuation stage to ensure they didn’t pay too much and also for an expert to act on their behalf during the negotiation phase.

Like many first home buyers its really difficult to understand the market dynamics, price guides, values and keep up while both having busy jobs. I think they were also looking for professional advice to help reassure them that the property they had selected did, in fact, meet their brief.

Kiara and Jared had located a lovely 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom + parking apartment in Elizabeth St Surry Hills. We were quickly able to inspect, appraise the property for them and they help advise on the best method to secure the property.

We were able to secure a great property in Surry Hills via negotiation at a price that Kiara and Jared were wrapped with. From inspection to exchange it was under 48 hours and I think they both appreciated the speed in which they could move with a professional buyers agent working for them.

With the first property down my clients are now already talking about an investment property which is great. They are just wrapped to be living in Surry Hills and barely need the car Monday to Friday which is another bonus.

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